About me….

………..Fiona or ‘Parker’s mum’.

I am an (almost) 40 year old dancer, teacher, academic, lover of all foods unhealthy and mother of one, but not necessarily in that order.

A woman of Scottish descent, I have now lived in London for 20 years and can’t see myself returning to the bonny glens any time soon (although I do miss the square sausage). I live with my husband and very lively three year old Parker.

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My Vision

Having had nine months to create my perfect vision of motherhood I was well prepared. I had bought my sewing machine to start my new crafts hobby. I mean, after all, what was I going to do with all the spare time I had now that I wasn’t working every day?

I also couldn’t wait to start my new life as a health guru. I would no longer be getting home late so would have time to cook the healthiest of meals every evening and the baby was going to sleep all the time any way so I could do my daily Insanity Max 30 and get ripped!

Life was going to be bliss…………

My Reality

I haven’t slept properly for three years.

It took me two weeks to go down to my pre pregnancy weight as I was so fit throughout pregnancy. Since then I have gained a stone from all the crisps and biscuits I eat to get myself through the day.

I never did complete Insanity Max 30 but I do love Shaun T.

I sold my sewing machine three weeks after the birth, having found a spare minute in the middle of the night to put it on eBay.

My house is always a tip. No matter how hard I try, my house is always a tip.

My son is the most amazing, funny, beautiful, intelligent, loving, stubborn, argumentative, energetic child I have ever met.

I want another one.

My Blog

An honest portrayal of a working mum’s experience of motherhood from the high’s to the low’s and everything in between!