8 First Time Parenting Problems

Being a first time parent can make you a little irrational but you are not alone. Here are some situations that most first time parents can find a little daunting…..


Washing your child may sound like a simple task but lowering your tiny cherub into a tub that reaches 30 cm high can actually be the most terrifying moment ever. Will he slip from my arms at the last moment plummeting into the ocean below?? When I am washing him delicately will his screams of torture cause me to lose my grip? If any accident should happen will I be rendered immobile and be unable to save him?? A traumatic experience for both parent and child.

Going Out in Public for the First Time.

Babies are noisy and pretty much uncontrollable. To take your new born out to your favourite coffee shop for the first time can be a little daunting. What’s the worst that can happen? Your child could scream the place down, fill it with nappy stench and basically ruin the cafe experience for everyone, right? Well, that’s how you may feel but if you have chosen a family friendly establishment most patrons will expect your baby to cry and not bat an eyelid if you have to make a dash to the baby changing room. Once you have a few outings under your belt your confidence will soar!

The Temperature of Your Home

My son was born in July. I spent most of the first month trying to regulate the temperature in our bedroom — we had a very hot flat and keeping your baby cool in the initial months is very important. Trying to figure out if he was wearing enough clothes or too many clothes took up half my morning. If only new borns could talk – it would have been so much easier!

The Baby Carrier!

Baby carrier’s are so cute and  it is just lovely to have your baby so close to you on the go. However, as Ryan Reynolds knows only too well, there is a correct way to carry your baby and incorrect way to carry your baby. Is my baby’s head close enough to kiss? They can hold their head up but is it squashed against me? What happens if they fall asleep and their head falls forward?? Too much to worry about, so I bought a Moby sling and perfected a sideways carry.

Breastfeeding in Public

So you have made the decision to take your baby on it’s first outing and he is crying uncontrollably. You do all the checks, he is dry, he has just had a nap so it looks like you have to get the baps out. Some women will do this without a second thought. For others it can be a whole other experience. Breastfeeding was quite difficult for me so trying to get him to latch on whilst covering my boobs up was not an easy task. My first time breastfeeding in public was in a park under a tree, the wind determined to dislodge the huge muslin cloth that I had positioned to maintain my modesty. All I remember is my husband trying to control his laughter as I panicked each time someone walked past, scared they were going to get an eyeful. We laugh about it now but it wasn’t fun at the time. In hindsight, I shouldn’t have got so wound up, breast-feeding is  natural and the only one making an issue of it was me!

Any Illness Ever

Do I take him to the doctors, do I not? Is this a rash, what do you think? Is he burning up? His belly feels warm but his head doesn’t. It could just be teething but what if it’s not? And so we have the umpteenth trip to the doctors this month. You are worried that they are going to diagnose you with munchausen by proxy.


As your child gets older there is a whole other world of scary moments. Grapes.  Grapes are a major choking hazard for toddlers. The advice given is to half the grapes before feeding them to your child. I pass this advice on pretty much every time any family member mentions grapes. In the beginning I actually quartered them – I was a whole other level on cautious in the early days!

The Great Escape

My son loves running, often in the opposite direction to me. One of the scariest moments  of my parenting life was when he ran around the corner from me in a large store. I dropped the clothes I was picking out for him and followed. However, as I turned the corner only a few seconds later he was no where to be seen. Next followed the longest few minutes of my life. Eventually I found him at the entrance to the store looking rather pleased with himself as he had outsmarted mummy. The telling off he received soon changed his mood. In hindsight, I should have ran straight to the front of the shop to make sure that he would not be able to leave. Other advice is to repeatedly shout out a full description of your child including what they are wearing.

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