8 Money Saving Ideas for Christmas

Christmas can be a tough time for some of us. We can very much feel obliged to empty our pockets in the name of good will resulting in a lot of worry and  debt. Here are a few ideas to help out in what can be an expensive time.

Putting a limit on the value of gifts.

Often we relate how much we spend on someone to how much we care for someone, which is just ludicrous. By putting a limit, for example £10, on gift buying with family and friends, not only do you cut costs but it results in a lot more thought being put into the gift as we have to think a little more creatively.

Don’t do all the cooking.

If you are having people over for Christmas dinner ask people to bring a dish, whether that’s dessert, some nibbles, or even soft drinks for the children, every little helps.

Black Friday.

Black Friday! Black Friday is on November 23rd this year so if there is a particularly expensive gift that you have had your eye but just can’t afford then you may be able to steal a bargain.

Charity Shops

Oxfam Book Shops. Oxfam book shops sell both new and used books at great prices. I have already purchased two Christmas presents from there this year. One book is used, one book is new, both are in excellent condition and both are  a bargain!  At the same time you are also contributing to a greater cause.

Save some trees as well as some money.

Cut out the Christmas cards. Save the environment and some money on all of those stamps.  At 56p for a second class stamp, those pennies sure make pounds. For close family and friends you may want to still keep up the tradition but it all  adds up when you are mailing cards here there and everywhere.

Nobody will taste the difference.

Shopping at discount supermarkets. Aldi and Lidl provide great Christmas produce that won’t break the bank. Sure, we would all love to shop at Marks and Spencers or Waitrose each week but for most of us that just isn’t going to happen. Providing you are not as bad as I am in the kitchen, your Christmas dinner will be just as tasty coming from Aldi and Lidl as it will coming from one of the slightly more expensive chains. Let’s remember, your family is there to spend time with each other, not to analyse the origins of your turkey.

Set up shop.

Have a clear-out and make some cash! To make room for all those toys that your child will play with for a week max, sell all the toys that they played with last year for a week max! On Facebook marketplace things such as toy kitchens, bikes and so on go quickly. We managed to bag a balance bike for £10 last year without even a scratch on it!

Secret Santa is not just for work colleagues.

If you are struggling your family will appreciate that you may not have the money for gifts this year. The best option would be to not buy at all but if you feel that this is a step too far then Secret Santa may be a better idea. For example, if you have your parents and 2 siblings, put everyone’s name in a hat and the name you pick out is the person you buy for. Instead of 4 presents you are only buying one – if any of you out there  don’t know what Secret Santa is.

            Merry Christmas

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