The Beauty of Motherhood

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A guest post about motherhood from Life of a busy Momma

Motherhood is hard from day one! Whether the positive result on the test is exciting to you or not! Pregnancy is a rough nine months (harder for some than others), labor is difficult, and raising a child is a whole other story… But NOTHING will ever prepare a woman for the love a mother feels for her little ones. All of the hard stuff does not matter because being a mommy is so rewarding.

Motherhood is beautiful

Women have the divine quality of being able to love and nurture to a capacity beyond description. The children of the world need mommies! Whether she be biological, adopted, or just a woman to look up to and admire. That’s right, ladies! Even for those who have never given birth, we have the capability to care for those in need… There’s an expression where they say a child is always “raised by the village.” That’s so true! We can all be examples to the people around us- especially children!
I have a special spot in my heart for children… I am the oldest of six and have always enjoyed playing with and taking care of kids. I’ve always felt that becoming a mother someday is maybe my greatest purpose. My sweet daughter is the light of my husband’s and my life. My pregnancy was HORRIBLE- I had to stay in bed most of the time and made many trips to the hospital due to how sick I was, but I can honestly say that little Gwendolyn was SO worth it! I would do it all over again for her and for our future kids.

Motherhood is beautiful… I am grateful for my own mother’s love, for the blessing it is to be a mother myself, and for the love that the women of the world strive to share with another.

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