Duncans Toy Chest - Crammed with kids stuff

Heres our weekly pick the best toys that caught our eye this week

LEGO Classic Creative Bricks 

This is a great way to start the kids off with Lego. They of course can make things like the  ideas in the picture or online, but they will soon be making all kinds of crazy creations, that you will defiantly step on.

Available here for only £9.99

Hey Duggee Talking Soft Toy

I would imagine most kids love Hey Duggee. Its a really sweet show and wholesome fun. This talking soft toy is a little odd in that it only woofs, but that makes sense in the context of the show. It also come with a really cute Duggee character badge that your kids will never want to take off.

Available here for £14.99

PAW PATROL PAW Mission Cruiser

Ah Paw Patrol. How many times have they saved you from a mega tantrum, or allowed you to have 5 seconds to your self to have a cup of tea? This great little toy comes with Robo dog and space to store all the mini versions of the pups vehicles. It also makes plenty of authentic Paw Patrol sound. Sorry.

Available for £34.99

Micro Scalextric My First Racing Set

This is a great way to get the little ones into Scalextric. It comes with 2 colourful cars and controllers and is the sort of toy that will keep them busy all Christmas Day.

Available for £38.99

Water Magic Farm, Colouring Book for Children

This has kept our son busy on many a long trip. The ‘magic’ is in that each 6 pictures show their colours when the special filled withe simple water is used on them. Its great but simple stuff.

Various books are available here for £4.35
Duncans Toy Chest - Crammed with kids stuff

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