Peppa Pig Gift Christmas Special

Iv’e loved Peppa Pig ever since I saw her hang up on Susie Sheep because she could whistle and Peppa couldn’t. Here’s five great ideas for Christmas gifts inspired by good old Peppa.

Peppa Pig Flip and Learn Phone Electronic Toy

Im sure your kids are annoyingly obsessed with grabbing your phone. Its time for them to get their own phone, admittedly one that only lets them talk to Peppa and her friends but still. Anything that could your prevent your new iPhone X being thrown across the room is priceless.

Available here for the bargain price of £7.98

 Peppa’s Family Home Playset

Theres a good chance the kids have lots of Peppa figures hanging around the house. This is the perfect opportunity to get them all in one place, as opposed to under the arch of your foot, as you stumble around in the morning.

Grab it here for £38.60 while it lasts.  Seriously grab it fast as it’s flying out.

Peppa Pig Singalong and Learn Microphone Electronic Toy

Okay, this is not going to be for you if you want a quiet holiday period. But if your up for the kids singing along with Grampa rabbit singing about waking up and checking that that sea and sky are still there, this is the one for you.

Available here for £12.99

Peppa Pig Campervan Playhouse, Pop Up Role Play Tent

Kids love a pop up tent. Adults however will forever be stuck with the problem of how to put them down again. Luckily its super easy to put up AND down and also comes with a peek a boo window, roll up door and a mesh window.

Grab it here for £22.10

Peppa Pig- George Backpack

Everyone loves George. Sure, he doesn’t say much and thinks everything is a dinosaur, but we wont hold that against him. Celebrate the brilliance that is George with this Dinosaur backpack, that your child will never want to take off.

Available here for £7.99

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