Another 5 Great Christmas gifts for kids

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Giggles and Lollipops is here to help with another 5 great Christmas gifts that will help Christmas Day be the best one yet!! All the toys below have links to the cheapest possible price.

1.Moose Toys Chocolate Bar Maker

The ability to maker unique chocolate bars whenever you like? Who hasn’t dreamt of that? All you need are copious amounts of chocolate and a microwave and voila. Get ready for a sticky Christmas morning.

Grab it here for £12.99

2.Nella The Princess Knight Talk and Sing Soft Nella Doll

Boys and guys love Nella the Princesses Knight. This 30cm soft toy has 10 preset phrases and sings the shows theme tune. Perfect for Christmas as long as your not hoping for a quiet Christmas morning.

Available here for the bargain price of £17.24

3.Chow Crown Game Kids Electronic Spinning Crown

Okay. This is nuts. One player wears a spinning crown with snacks attached. The hat music and while the music is playing they have to eat as much as possible. As I said nuts, but awesome. Pop any snacks you like on there, so its probably a good way to get rid of the leftover turkey.

Available here for £21.50

4.PAW Patrol — Ultimate Rescue Fire Truck with Extendable 2ft Ladder

Every kid loves Paw Patrol, and especially Marshal. This beast of a toy set comes with an extendable ladder as well as other bits and bobs, like water cannons and claw arm. Trust me. It’s a sight to behold.

Careful not to miss out as its on offer here for ONLY £48.99!!!

5. Bosch Workbench

This will be useful to stop your kids trying to take apart the TV with your real tools. It comes with 32 bits and bobs and will keep them busy all day. And your TV in one piece.

Available here for £34.02
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