Wednesday, September 18, 2019

10 Things People Don’t Tell You Before You Have a Baby!

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  • You will become an expert on poo and all it’s meanings.9s0a7878_1913_detail-1
  • All that luscious hair you had in pregnancy will fall out, in clumps. Before googling it you will be contemplating which life threatening illness you have.5ee30b1197d22096c5409d1abd8b5581
  • You will go between loathing and loving your partner on many occasions. No sleep and a constantly crying baby can put a strain on any
  • The ‘top knot’ will be your new permanent hairstyle and ‘bare faced’ will be your latest make up look.IMG_9866-417x635.jpg
  • You quite often roam around in your (non matching – who’s got time to look for a set?) underwear to save extra washing when your child barfs on you for the third time that day.101300390-underwear-features_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqInBr3oZH9gEnYI36nXOhfCUXkzdmliD-n0TnFt9Ejr8
  •  You will be disgusted by the behaviour of the Twirlywoos and wonder how the Night Garden, which seems to be  basically a programme about homeless people living in a park, can be so popular.0542_tw_websiteimages_1_home_parents_carousel_01_welcome.jpg
  • There will be a woman in the baby class who’s baby will always be one milestone ahead of the rest. You will hate her, but not let it show, urging your child to do something spectacular in her presence.640-01354048en_Masterfile.jpg
  • Your house will quite often be so messy that it will look like one of those homes on ‘Hoarders’. Some items never to be seen again.hoarder_home.jpg
  • Baby biscuits don’t taste that bad when you have nothing else in.hoarder_home.jpg
  • You will be overwhelmed at how much you can love another human being.MumBub.jpg

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