Wednesday, September 18, 2019

3 Best Things About Being a New Dad

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Fatherhood is a joy. The little one enters your heart and will give you endless days of fun. But its important not to forget the little perks that come from being a dad. Here is a look at the top 3 perks of being a new dad.

  1. The revelation the kids tv is still surprisingly awesome 

Now us 80s kids are always under the impression that our kids TV was always the best. It was absolutely the best thing about being a kid. HE-Man, Transformers and Thundercats. These are the kings of 80s TV. No modern show will ever reach those heights. And thats probably true. When your little one is all about the Twirlywoos and Something Special, you may in fact want your life to end. There not awful, just mind numbing. So it came as a big surprise that kids tv now days can be  amazing. It seems that kids these days have far more patience, as lots of shows like Avatar the last air bender and even Dinotruxs have continuing storylines that have kept me entertained for hours. Looking back thorough a glaze of nostalgia it may seem that the old shows were the best, but in reality they were just poorly written toy adverts. That somewhat true today, but when a show about Dinosaurs that have evolved into to some sort of animal/robot hybrid can keep me engaged, I’m willing to forgive it.

2. Kids playgrounds are not just rusty old roundabouts and creaky swings anymore

My local park while growing up was a bit rough. It was pretty much all concrete, meaning that if you went flying of the suspiciously creaky swing, it was all over for you. It was also in a bizarre design decision, full of  concrete pillars. God help you if you were running around playing tag and didn’t see one coming. Kids would run about in ‘gangs’ charging through the smaller children like they weren’t there. The place was a death trap akin to a Mad Max movie. But in 2018? Things have changed for the better. The floor is made of a substance that means that on impact your child will bounce 10ft in the air, but will receive no injures. Every park in the country seems to have a pirate ship shaped structure in it. In my day we were lucky to get 1 sided structure made of jagged edged tin. These new ship shaped climbing structures range in size from the size of a small car, to the size of a house. It’s literally possible to lose your child in one, only for them to venture out of one with the ten new friends they’ve made deep in the core of the ship. Modern playgrounds are full of enough things to bounce on, climb on and swing on to make any grown up jealous and probably bring back nightmarish flashbacks of playgrounds that belonged in the Middle Ages. Not only that, kids just seem nicer. I have memories of the playground after school being like the Lord of the Flies. 5 Year old kids with the bodies of 20 year old NFL players bundling through the crowds, no longer seems to be a problem. Kids seem to have learnt manners in the last few years as well. Yes there is the occasional psycho running around, but in general modern playgrounds are a joy to be in.

3. Getting to play with toys again

I recently ordered some toy lightsabers and a figure of Iron Man for my son. This was a lie. They were all for me. The world of new toys you get re-introduced to after having a child is astonishing. Toys can do things I could never imagined back in the day. My son often sees adverts on tv and calls out that he wants them. I turn back to him and tell him, “no son, I want that”. Ive seen toys that climb walls, robot dogs that are better than real dogs and Lego sets the size of small office buildings. Yes we had Transformers and Thundercats in the 80s, but now I’m pretty sure I’ve seen a toy which can get up early, make breakfast and tidy the entire house. These can all be yours under the notion that they are actually for your child. Yes of course they can have a go when your not around, but when your in remember to claim your Iron figure back. Well you wouldn’t want it to get damaged, would you?





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