7 Baby Items You Think You Need But Don’t!

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Having a baby can be an expensive business so here are a few things you might think you need but you really don’t………

1.An electric steam steriliser.

We started off with an expensive steam steriliser but in the end found that a tub            with water and sterilising tablets was way more convenient. We didn’t have to keep cleaning the steriliser and we could leave bottles in the solution for a length of time without having to re – sterilise. Don’t waste your money!

2. Toys

The first few months of a baby’s life are pretty dull. Don’t go out and buy every item at the Early Learning Centre. One or two colourful noisy things is enough. My little one was always happy with a peg, despite there being a hoard of untouched toys!

3. Clothes

Your baby is going to be spitting up, dribbling, being sick and of course this is not mentioning what will be coming out the other end! Most of the time your child will be in baby grows during the early days. It’s just more practical. It is very tempting to buy the cutest outfits, I know I did, but the chances are your child won’t get much wear out of them. I had a summer baby so he barely wore anything for the first 2 months of his life!

4. 50 Bottles in Different sizes.

If you are planning on bottle feeding hold off before filling your cupboard with bottles. Just 3 or 4 to get you started for the first  couple of days will suffice. Your baby will take to a certain type of teat and it may not be the one you have piled high at home. Our child also suffered with wind so we ended up with four expensive, but effective, Dr Browns bottles and didn’t make much use of the 20  Tommy Tippees we had already purchased.

5. Cheap Nappies

If it’s worth spending money on something it’s on quality nappies. We ended up throwing out a lot of supermarket own brand nappies because the tabs weren’t very sticky and made our life more stressful than it already was! Of course you may find that a cheaper brand than the likes of Pampers works for you but don’t buy a months worth of supplies, open them all out and fill the cute cot side nappy containers that you have just bought. You may find yourself cursing Asda at midnight when you find you don’t have a nappy that stays on.

Alternatively you could go for the cloth nappies, cheaper and environmentally friendly!

6. Baby Wipes

You will need baby wipes eventually, and a whole load of them! However in the beginning a baby’s skin is so sensitive that you will be advised to use cotton wool and water when cleaning their little bottoms and faces.

Having said that, there will be a whole load of mess all around the baby so maybe do stock up!

7. Parenting books

Some people will find parenting books useful, I found them to be soul destroying. As I was sat crying because I had being trying to get my ‘I don’t do naps’ baby to sleep for hours on end, I picked up the latest sleep training  book that I had just purchased. It basically told me my methods were going to ruin his life. At that moment I called my mother who told me never to read another baby help book again. Best advice ever! You will find what works for you and soon learn to just go with it.

Good luck it’s going to be amazing!

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