Is Your Child Right for Modelling?

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The question isn’t really is your child right for modelling, it’s more is your family right for modelling?

The first thing you need to ask before you  apply is if you and your family are prepared to give up your time.

Children can be called for castings anything up to the day before and you have to have someone on hand to take your little one, as well as being willing to travel to many different locations. Castings for most will not be an everyday occurrence, you need to be able to make the most of the ones that are sent your way by being available.

You also need to consider, should your child be successful in booking a job, if your schedule is flexible enough to accompany him or her. For example, if your child booked a shoot in Scotland and you live in London would you be able to drop everything at only a few weeks notice?

Then you need to be honest about your child. Your child may be full of enthusiasm but will they follow direction easily? Are they confident with other adults? Whilst child modelling can be a good way of building confidence you still want them to be comfortable enough to be able to enjoy the process.

If your answer is yes to the above, then let’s get started……


When applying to model agencies you will usually be asked to email 2 to 4 pictures of your child. These do not need to be professional photos. Photos should be clear with children fully clothed, no hats, face-paint or food in photo and hair should be natural.


A reputable agency will not ask you to part with a whole load of cash, but most will ask for an administration fee. For example, when my child signed up with Urban Angels in London we paid approx. £80 for the year and this included professional photos that were taken for his portfolio.

Sole vs Non -Sole

Agencies will either be sole or non-sole. A sole agency will sign an exclusive contract with you whereas with a non – sole agency you are free to join other agencies at the same time. You may not be given as many opportunities and guidance with a non – sole agency however you have much more freedom and are not ‘putting all your eggs in one basket.’


Rejection is something that comes hand in hand with modelling. We all think our children are the most beautiful creatures in the world, but the client will be looking for something specific for each campaign and your child will never be right 100% of the time.


For each job booked the agent will take their commission fee and your child’s earnings will reach you anything up to as much as 90 days after the shoot. Some auditions also pay a small fee. Most agencies will require you to set up a bank account for your child when payments start to come in.

If this all sounds good and your raring to go then here are a few reputable agencies to check out:

Grace & Galor 
Club Cottage, Godstone Green,
Surrey RH9 8DY

Tel: 01883 744 48

Bonnie & Betty Agency

County House,
221-241 Beckenham Road,
Kent, BR3 4UF

Tel: 020 8676 6294

BOSS Model Management Ltd

Fourways House
57 Hilton Street
Manchester, M1 2EJ

Bruce and Brown

17 Lonsdale Road, NW6 6RA

Tel: 020 7624 7333

Kids London

7 Dulwich Road

London SE24 ONJ

Tel:020 7924 9595

Norrie Carr Agency

Holborn Studios,
49 Eagle Wharf Rd,
London, N1 7ED

Tel: 020 7253 1771


The Stables, Ashlyns Hall
Chesham Road
Herts HP4 2ST
United Kingdom

Tel: 01442 863 918

Urban Angels  (Incl. Urban Angels North)

PO BOX 45453
SE26 6UZ

Tel: 0870 871 0045

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