One Working Mum’s Reality


Bleary eyed I rise, my body heavy and exhausted. I greet my little one with cuddles before moving to the kitchen where I am reminded of the mess that I was too tired to clean up the night before.

I prepare some breakfast and traipse over the carpets that I have been promising to shampoo for the last month. Breakfast is consumed and I check my emails to give me a head start before I reach my office an hour later.

Once at work my day is filled with 3 hours in the office and 4 and a half hours in the dance studio.

I take my tired body home and begin the bedtime mission with my ‘It’s never time to go to bed toddler’. After an hour, he is finally under and I get to sit and have some food in the mess that has accumulated throughout the day knowing that tomorrow morning when I don’t need to go in to work until 1pm I can clean the debris from the day before whilst also keeping my 3 year old entertained.

I am exhausted.

This is called ‘having it all’.

“It was your own choice,” I hear you cry. Yeah yeah yeah, well I’m a fixer first complainer second so let’s see if there are any solutions…..

Care Less

My husband helps by doing the washing, cooking evening meals and washing up the dishes. He does this out of necessity. He needs to eat and wear clean clothes and as I barely cook and often forget about the washing he has realised that he needs to get involved. With regards to the dishes, he weirdly likes washing up.

He does not care about the bathroom being spotless or the carpets being hoovered and has never once thought about making the bed. He is happy to live in a mess.

I feel this may be the way forward, learn to be happy living in squalor.

Pay Someone to Do it for Me

The obvious action to take would be to employ a cleaner. However, we can’t afford to. I don’t want to be working hard to pay for someone to help me to work hard. So my toddler is in training with his toy broom and wooden pots. When the pocket money years arrive he will be fully trained, a much cheaper option.

Do Not Buy Stuff…Any Stuff…Ever.

If I don’t have any belongings, I won’t have any mess. Genius. However, taking all my belongings to the charity shop may be a bit extreme. Alternatively I could sell half of my belongings on eBay and use the proceeds to pay for a cleaner until my toddler is old enough to take over. I love it when a plan comes together!

Get Up at 4am

I’m always reading articles that profess the key to happiness is getting up before the crack of dawn.

So if I get up at 4am, that gives me  3 hours to get all the cleaning done, prepare for the day and possibly do a little solo T.V. time.

I just need to go to bed at 8pm the night before, hmm leaving no time with the hubby. Ok so I’ll go to bed at 10pm, hmmm giving me only 6 hours sleep.

I think I may have to go back to the child labour idea…

It seems that I haven’t quite found the idea to making my life less exhausting and more organised but my point is that whichever way you look at it, being a working mum is hard. So instead of feeling lucky that we are able to do both we should congratulate ourselves on not only how hard we work but how hard that work is.

Some of you may say that it was our choice but we didn’t choose to be the child bearing sex. Nature dealt us that card.If men and women could both bear children then that would be a valid argument but they can’t.

So I would say to all of those women out there that are exhausted on a daily basis, trying to carve a career whilst raising the next generation, I am with you. Exhausted together and achieving together



  1. at nearly 31, I um and ahh whether to have kids or not. I sway from one side to the other. This definitely reiterates that perhaps ‘not to’ is the better option

  2. Yup….it’s hard to do it all!!! But with a 22, 20, 19 and 17 year old….I would not trade those early days for the world!!!!

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