Dad’s Toy Corner part 2

Let’s see what goodies I’ve dug up this week.

Hasbro Toilet Trouble

Yep, it’s back to the toilet humour again. Everyone takes turns spinning the toilet paper roll, flushing the toilet handle and hoping they don’t get sprayed. How could you not love this game? Available for £11.98 here.


It’s back!! Popular toys are circular it seems. The Tamagotchi is back and it’s set to be huge. Feed, clean and take care of the little their own little portable digital friend. Just like back in the day. Seriously, order this as soon as you can or it will be gone!!! Available for £14.90 here.

New Tickle Me Elmo

Speaking of retro toys…..

Elmo is back and cuter than ever. Almost impossible to get hold of in the 90s, this new and improved version will have you in cuteness overload in seconds. Available here.

Paw Patrol Pup Zoomer

Is there a kid that doesn’t love this show? Marshall zooms around like a real dog and has over 80 interactive tricks up his sleeve. Available for £33.50 here.

That’s it for this week, but keep an eye out for more great finds in next week’s Dad’s Corner.

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