Butlins at Bognor…….Day 3

Day 3 was beach day.


We had checked out the beach previously at Bognor and I have to say I was very disappointed. No sand to be seen!

I feel it is misleading when Butlins say that their resort is very close to the beach as most families will be looking forward to a full bucket and spade experience not pebbles all the way to the sea.

However, I had promised Parker sandcastles and I wasn’t about to disappoint him!

So we jumped  on a train to Littlehampton beach. Littlehampton is 2O minutes from Bognor Regis. However, with only one train per hour you are best to check out the timetable before you set off

Littlehampton is a pleasant seaside town. From the train station to the beach is a 20 minute walk via the high street, allowing you to pick up drinks and snacks on the way.

The beach itself is clean, a little pebbly but has a good stretch of sand for the children to play in.

The promenade provides adequate facilities with a few cafes, beach shop and ofcourse a good supply of ice cream.

We stayed for  couple of hours before heading back to Bognor to catch the last hour of the funfair.

A nice afternoon out and a promise fulfilled.

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