Butlins at Bognor….Day 2

Airport Parking Meet and Greet ParkingWell  today the fun certainly did begin!

20180710_103902.jpgIt was a late night last night and Parker didn’t get up in time to make it to the football class as planned. However, on walking past it looked like a great activity and similar to the weekly football session Parker attends. We will definitely be giving it a go later in the week.

So we began with a trip to the toddler funfair which has age appropriate rides such as flying aeroplanes, tea cups and lady bugs as well as activities such as a great soft play area.

Next on the agenda was the Teletubbies show which Parker thoroughly enjoyed, sitting mesmerized throughout.

The swimming pool was our next port of call. Parker is not a great fan of water but loved the wave machine and having a good old splash.

The pool itself is great with an area that houses smaller slides for younger children as well as the daring slides for the more adventurous.

There is also a toddler/ parent session each morning from 9am to 10am.

After swimming and nipping back to our base for a quick lunch it was off to the outdoor trampolines and fun fair. Parker just makes the height requirement ( 0.9m accompanied by an adult) and therefore can experience the older, scarier rides. Which he did with great enthusiasm.

At the end of the day it was  time to go back to the appartment  for dinner but not before winning a flashing dinosaur ball from the hook a duck stall.

A very successful day indeed!Airport Parking Meet and Greet Parking

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