Butlins at Bognor….Day 1

Airport Parking Meet and Greet Parking20180709_171151Armed with his Trunki, Water Magic book and Panda bear, Parker was all ready for his journey to Butlins.
We of course had the iPad ready in case of emergencies.
Parker felt there was no need for the iPad as there was a lot of treasure to find on our train journey to Bognor. Particularly under the seats of other passengers and at the other end of the train which he felt the need to run to every five minutes.

It was a nightmare.

We arrived just before 4pm. Unfortunately you are not allowed to check in before 4pm. You are allowed to use the facilities from 1pm but where would we put our luggage, pushchair and bucket and spade?

To be honest a 4pm check in is too late. It is the first day of your holiday and by the time you are allowed to get settled the day is almost over.
The fun fair and swimming pool both close at 5pm not giving you much time to fulfil those promises of flying planes and water slides.
So day 1 really has to be just check in day.
Our New Silver appartment was very nice. Basic but clean and enough space for a toddler to move around.
At the silver level you do have to provide your own towels and hand soap, shower gel etc is not included. If you move up to Gold then towels are included.

The only issue we had was that our TV had no channel for ITV. With a certain upcoming football match, panic waved through the appartment. A quick text to maintenance and we had it dealt with shortly afterwards.

An hour later my sister arrived with her partner and after a quick trip to the supermarket it was back for some dinner.
The kitchen was well equipped with a microwave, toaster,kettle,cooker and fridge.
After an evening of excitement, with his very much loved Aunty and Uncle, Parker eventually went to sleep.
So not the first day I had hoped for as we were not able to fit in the events that I had planned but now that we are settled in let the fun begin!Airport Parking Meet and Greet Parking

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