Dad’s Toy Corner part 1

Im the dad of a gorgeous 3 year old called Parker. He’s amazing but like most toddlers can be hard work. He gets bored of toys really easily, so it can be tricky to find something that will keep his attention. Fiona has given me a weekly spot to talk about the best toys, clothes and games of the week. Whatever catches my eye really. This is incredibly exciting for me as I’m basically a child inside anyway. You’ll often find me watching cartoons with Parker or in the midst of a lightsaber battle in the middle of the living room. I was born to write this blog.

Heres my 4 picks of the week.

Untamed Raptor by Fingerlings

These are awesome but as their in such high demand a little hard to get hold off. It reacts to sound motion and touch and have over 40 different sounds and animations. Pretty wicked stuff.


Its available here at only £16.99, but be sure to grab one when you can as they are selling out like lightning.

Don’t Step In It by Hasbro

Now this is the sort of game Fiona would frown upon. Myself on the other hand finds this hilarious, and there’s a good chance your kid will to. Mould the compound to look like dog poo, pop on a blind fold and you will have hours of fun. Yes its silly but in a way that will have your kids rolling about with laughter. Available for £19.44 here.


Hatchimal Surprise Twin

If your looking to bring a little interactivity to your child’s toy, this could be perfect. This particular Hatchimal set is a set of twins and is highly sought after, so be sure to grab them quick!!  Put them face-to-face and they’ll recognise each other! One will chirp I love you and the other will respond with I love you, too. Separate them for too long and one twin will call out for the other! Now if dosen’t  sound too creepy this could be perfect for your little ones. Available for £39.99 here.


Furreal Roarin Tiger by Hasbro

Does your child want a pet, but you don’t want to deal with all the messy bits? This may be for you. Its a little bit more expensive than the other toys on the list, but is much more feature heavy. It comes with its own toy that it responds to when given, it has over 100 sound and motion combinations, but most importantly he’s just so unbelievably cute. Available for £79.99 here.


Thats it for this week. I hope theres something in there that will help keep your little ones busy over the summer. If anyone decides to try any of the above out be sure to leave any comments or suggestions down below.

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