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With the words ” mummy, mummy, I need you!”echoing through our building I clamber out of bed, hair askew, eyes half shut, to see what I am ‘needed’ for. It’s 3am.

In a bid to waste as little time as possible and minimise my sleep deprivation, I usher my 2 year old in to the bed of mummy and daddy as he precedes to talk for the next half hour about Paw Patrol and his race track.

This is my life. Every night. For the last 2 years and 11 months. What is a full nights sleep I ask? That exists????

I know I know, I signed up for it, perks of the job.

This is pretty much me

And what has this got to do with entertainment you ask,  well, I will tell you.

I am always tired. If I want to watch a movie we have to schedule it so that it finishes before 10pm or, in the event of there being no match sticks, I won’ t be able to keep my eyes open. Much to the annoyance of my husband who feels it is a mortal sin to not be able to watch a movie in it’s entirety.

So Sky BSB, I have a proposition for you. In amongst your horror section, thrillers and romantic comedies I suggest an ‘exhausted parent’ genre. This would be an option for those seeking decent films under say….hmm… 1hr 45 min?

So Lord of the Rings is a complete no no (I think I lasted 10 min). Any hobbit, small people, jewellery related quest would most likely be out.

Ofcourse it would be useful if film makers got in on the act. Maybe cut out some of those year long battle scenes in the Avengers and we could throw a few Marvel options in?

The bane of my life

I am currently watching King Kong in stages so another option would be to split the films in to parts for struggling zombie like parents. This would ofcourse allow many more films into the genre as one part would count as one film. It would also help my argument with my husband who believes that ‘watching a film in sections’  would ruin the whole film experience.

So I put it to you Sky, help me out please. And whilst Sky are deliberating my clearly genius suggestion, you are very welcome to send me some viewing suggestions…….under 1hr and 45 min.

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